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05 January 2009 @ 03:51 am
Second coming of a potentially worthless blog  
No, I'm not in an emo mood or anything like that (regarding the subject of this entry). I'm not really the blogger kind, so that's why i say it may be pretty much worthless. Content will be lacking at first, that's assured, but it is my intention to revert that tendency.

Now, about this being the "second" manifestation of this Blog, the simple answer is this: This is the second time i start writing on it.
Back in 2007 a shocking and unexpected situation made me inaugurate this Blog, which until that moment was laying empty waiting for a reason to be filled with entries. This situation was my father's sudden death one cold day of August (cold in both senses). I will not enter into details about his death, but knowing it was a heart stroke is enough for anyone to realize it was indeed sudden and unexpected.

His death inspired me to write a fairly long journal in this same blog back then, written in Spanish and with a grammatical quality I've been proud of as well as praised for.
I don't know if that was because of a sudden inspiration, or my complete determination to make a worthwhile journal on his honor. The point is that it made me open this Blog, and in a wonderful but gloomy way.

I've removed that entry and the those that followed it some time ago. It had certain names on it, alongside with my personal (and perhaps too frank) opinion for the corresponding bearers.
The next entries were typical blog material, and in this case nothing i would cry for losing.

It was not until two months ago that I decided to try it once again. The reason now it's quite different as it was back then, and so is its aim.
Given that I started being recurrent on the furry fandom about midyear last year after years of simply lurking, and seeing most of the people I talk to giving this blog world a whirl, I simply though "Hell, why not?"

So here I am, re-inaugurating this humble space of mine, intending to fill it with my own experiences, achievements, opinions and whines, and all the usual content you can find on LiveJournal ;).

I will write another entry soon, acting as a quick introduction of myself and my doings for those who may not know me.

It's 4:00 am and I'm astonished I was able to write this long and this good.
See you later :)
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Virmirvirmir on January 5th, 2009 05:30 pm (UTC)
Cool, Pontos. And yeah, "why the heck not?" was essentially my reasoning too. ;)